2022 Real Estate Resolutions (Or How to Give Your Home a Manageable Makeover)

2022 Real Estate Resolutions (Or How to Give Your Home a Manageable Makeover)

  • Bridget Chambers
  • 01/18/22

2022 Real Estate Resolutions (Or How to Give Your Home a Manageable Makeover)

A Klopas Stratton blog by: Bridget Chambers, Life Coach, Writer


As we begin a brand-new year, we will find ourselves making much ado about the concept of time. Whether we're wasting it, finding it, killing it, or making it, time is a convoluted commodity. But like all commodities, time is worth whatever we're willing to pay for it.

Let’s get more specific. We talk about "spending" time the way we spend money, because we do both the same way. When we spend money, we get something in return. The value of what we get is set by us -- we get to decide what something is worth.

Like our money, our time has a perceived value. The question is: When we spend our time, what are we getting in return? In terms of real estate, we would do best to start from the inside out. Spending time on the space you’re in just makes sense.

Whether you’re looking to stay for a while, stage soon, or sell ASAP, here are six 2022 Real Estate Resolutions (to keep your home marketable this year!):



1.)         Enhance your outdoor space

Spend some time assessing how warm, interesting, or welcoming your current outdoor area feels. Since the early days of 2020, homeowners have become accustomed to spending more time at home. However, most people despise the idea of being stuck inside. Do yourself – and future buyers – a favor and keep up-to-date on both maintenance and aesthetics of your backyard, balcony, patio, roof deck, or green space. Keep furniture clean and safe from the winter weather, add lighting to evoke a cozy mood, and keep current with paint and repairs. You’ll enjoy it, and your realtor will thank you! J


2.)         Make your home “work-from-home” friendly

What extra space does your home offer? Do you have a designated home office or are you working at the kitchen table? Right now, offices have ever-changing remote working policies, and more people are working hybrid than ever. Now is the right time to create an office space that boasts ample light, a quiet refuge, and enough room. If you don’t have a current private workspace, chances are you can find one. That loft filled with clutter? That extra bedroom full of boxes? That small and useless alcove off the master bedroom? Yep, I’m looking at you.


3.)         Go greener

In both color and sustainability, you’ll make other houses green with envy if you follow this 2022 trend. Nature-inspired hues like browns and earthy greens are on the hit list this year, probably because they help bring the outside in. Illustrative of openness and calm, this color palette can make a space look larger and richer all at once. (If you’re unsure, choose just one small area of your home to introduce those tones.) In that same vein, you should keep your home green by utilizing energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly appliances, and amble home insulation. In the long run, your home will be well-maintained... and much easier to sell.


4.)         Turn your tech up a notch

You don’t need to go full SmartHouse to get the most out of your home. However, it is in your best interest to keep up with security and technology trends so that you’re keeping up with the Joneses (so to speak!). Not everything needs an upgrade, but smart thermometers, smart locks, and smart smoke detectors will increase your home’s appeal while keeping you safer and more comfortable in the meantime. Sellers can integrate technology upgrades in a short amount of time with a very reasonable budget. A relatively small tech investment could also solidify buyer interest in your home!


5.)         Take a mental note

2022 is not a year to shy away from mental health. This isn’t about the elusive concept of self-care, but more about ensuring your living environment evokes good health and a good mood. Spend some time this winter decluttering the overcrowded areas of your home (and perhaps even donate a few items). Buy a candle that calms you, or accessorize with an orchid that brings some life into your space. Also, capitalize on any spaces in your home that could be used for a brain retreat. Perhaps there’s a master bathroom that would feel more peaceful with a new coat of paint, or a garage that could serve as a home for some woodworking. In any case, the more purposeful space you make, the freer you’ll feel.


6.)         Enhance the beauty your home already has

Chances are, you’re harder on your house than you should be. Remember, nobody’s home is perfect! Plus, you live in your home every single day. Try waking up one morning to see your house from another point of view: What makes your home unique? What is beautiful about it? What attributes add character that would be hard to find anywhere else? What would someone else see in your house as an asset (that you have forgotten about because you’ve become accustomed to it)? Answers to these questions will remind you that what you’ve got is already great – and they will help your realtor see your house through the most admiring of eyes.


Time is of the Essence

In the end, emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth can only be created through well-planned investments of our time. And unlike money, each of us is born with the same number of hours each day to invest. (So, enrichment awaits the savvy investor!)


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