Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Find the Spring in Your Step

Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Find the Spring in Your Step

  • Bridget Chambers
  • 03/15/22

Winter Doldrums Got You Down? Find the Spring in Your Step

 A Klopas Stratton blog by: Bridget Chambers, Life Coach, Writer

It is that promising time in March when we hope desperately that the final snow is behind us. (And even if that’s unlikely… we hope just the same!) We are ready to be outside, to enjoy longer days, to replace our sweaters with short-sleeved tees. However, the lightness of spring brings with it some pressure to do more. (“Spring cleaning” ring a bell?) Winter gives us the permission to hibernate a little bit, to put things off for warmer weather. Spring, on the other hand, is indicative of movement and change. Is that freeing or exhausting? Perhaps a bit of both.

All the feels

You know that liberating feeling you get on vacation – and then the eventual monotonous return back home? You immediately can’t wait until your next break, right? You probably don’t sit around yearning for all the stuff you did on vacation, but you might feel heartsick for the way you felt while there.

You see, when we arrive in an unfamiliar place, we seem to give ourselves permission to entertain the emotions we often “save for later” when home. Natural instincts for Freedom, Joy, and Wellness, are quickly archived in favor of Stressed, Hurried, and Buried. We do this innocently enough, thinking that we’re incentivizing ourselves with future reward -- Work hard, and the fun will follow. Maybe next weekend! Or next vacation!  Or definitely next spring!

But the thing is, weekends aren’t often enough. Vacations aren’t often enough. Springs definitely aren’t often enough. We shouldn’t save up and then expend all our favorite feelings only once or twice each year. 

So, I'm not offering you a schedule of spring To Dos; I am offering you a checklist of Spring Feels:



Ask yourself:

  •     What are your favorite springtime smells?
  •     Remember how you felt all those years ago, playing with your friends in the fresh cut grass? Channel that for your kids or family.
  •     What springtime activities were always your favorite? What is your best adult memory of spring? With whom? Call that person, plan an outing.
  •     What foods or desserts invoke spring for you?  Try them this month!
  •     Take a walk around your yard or outdoor space. Why does this space feel like home to you?



Ask yourself:

  •     What have you done to relax at home today?
  •     How do you release physical tension at the end of the day? Can you make that a habit?
  •     What makes springtime relaxing for you?
  •     What is your ideal Saturday afternoon during the spring?
  •     What will you give up in favor of ten minutes of rejuvenation?



Ask yourself:

  •     How do you want to feel when you wake up each morning? Can you make that a goal?
  •     How do you want to make others feel?
  •     Who inspires you and how can you be inspired more often?
  •     What would bring you pure joy this year? Spring is a great time to set out to make that a reality.



Ask yourself:

  •     Do I like where I am, or it is time to make a move?
  •     How is my family feeling here? 
  •     What has changed about our lives since March last year? The year before?
  •     Am I my best self in my home? Does it stress me out or bring me peace?
  •     Do I feel home at home? Why or why not?


You feel me?

If you’ve happened upon this blog, you might be considering hiring or rehiring us (yes, please!) for your next buy or sell. Jason Stratton and Sophia Klopas would be thrilled to help you out. 

However, in looking at real estate from a client-focused and holistic approach, we believe that big decisions can only be made when you feel ready to make them. The rat race of life doesn’t ever stop – and with the newly lifted Covid restrictions in Chicago, things are finally seeming back to normal. Instead of marking this spring with a list of all the things you must get done, we encourage you to start the season with awareness of how you want to feel. 

Selling a home is a huge decision. Buying one… might be even bigger. But maybe step one is asking yourself what feels at home first. 

Perhaps you'll find yourself enjoying a March full of all the feelings you've been saving for later. 


Catch us back here bi-weekly as we bring you curated and Chicago-based real estate content (with a life coach’s twist).

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