Let’s Go Home: 5 Transition Tips for Making a Major Move

Let’s Go Home: 5 Transition Tips for Making a Major Move

  • Bridget Chambers
  • 07/11/22

Let’s Go Home: 5 Transition Tips for Making a Major Move

A KlopasStratton blog by: Bridget Chambers, Life Coach, Writer


In terms of expectations, real estate has followed the trend of so many things over the last two years: in a word, unpredictable. Markets saw unprecedented peaks, marked traction, and more people moving than ever before. While things have stabilized a bit over the past six months, it seems that the cyclone of change has permanently transformed the way people buy, where they move, and how they choose to live. Moves that might have seemed out of the question mere months ago are more feasible now because of remote work. People are spending more time at home. They are prioritizing living accommodations that fit with their specific lifestyles and family structure. Beyond that, hopeful sellers are keen on listing while the market is still warm, and that means making a move somewhere – with less emphasis on where, and more emphasis on when


Relocation Resources

Making a move is always a complicated decision, made more difficult by relocating to a brand-new neighborhood, school district, or state altogether. Like any sizable change, it is important for buyers to be armed with the most helpful resources and reputable professionals to assist in making a smooth transition. 


The best relocation resource is a good agent. In their sister-brother partnership, Sophia Klopas and Jason Stratton balance professional lives in constant motion. Throughout the years, they have transitioned and rooted their growing clientele into homes across Chicagoland: from the bustling streets of Lincoln Park to the serene, peaceful North Shore suburbs (and everything in between). Over time, they have learned and mastered the process of helping clients to build, buy, and sell homes to fit their families’ ever-changing needs. They are intrigued and passionate about the universal real estate process of transition — and the idea that as life changes form, the place you call “home” must change with it. 


In conjunction with their expertise, here are some coaching tips I recommend to pair with your transformative move:


1.)         Get your ideas in order

When preparing for a relocation, ask yourself what matters most, and why. Are you intent on keeping yourself organized so that your unpacking goes smoothly? Are you prioritizing research about your new neighborhood? Do you have contact with anyone who can show you around town when you arrive? The point is: everything feels better when you put some forethought into what comes next. Create a list of what feels most chaotic to you, and then come up with ideas to fix those things first. Then, you’ll feel aptly ready to make your move.


2.)         Start with your space

Starting over in an unfamiliar place can be extremely challenging, even when it feels like the absolute correct decision. Part of the stress of moving is physical, to be sure. (Moving can feel like an exhausting endeavor, even for the most excited and energetic buyers.) However, there is also an emotionally stressful component to this process, partially because moving can feel like displacement initially. We have much of our lives wrapped up in our homes; when we leave them, a part of us stays there. To this end, spiff up your space immediately so that it has elements of what “home” means to you. Perhaps you have a favorite vase, personal photo, or cozy blanket. Take the time to unpack those things first. It’ll feel like home in no time. 


3.)         Create some structure

Moving brings with it a pressure to complete task after task – seemingly a futile feat when your to-do list is never-ending. The antithesis to disorder is structure, so implement some tactics that work for you. Ask yourself what your typical day looks like, and work backwards. For instance, if your day is incomplete without a requisite coffee run, spend time during your relocation to find (and fall in love with) a local java spot. Do you love being outdoors or taking evening walks with your family? Scope out your ‘hood for running paths or forest preserves that boast the gorgeous nature you long for. If you spend a lot of time in a home office, make that space a structured priority by getting your computer, lighting, and shelving set up. You will feel less overwhelmed when your new life feels just a little more like your old one. 


4.)         Breathe!

Sometimes, anxiety begets anxiety. In other words, sometimes you don’t just feel nervous about a certain set of circumstances, but you feel worse because you feel guilty about having the nerves in the first place! How unfair. One way to combat this panicky hamster wheel is by giving yourself a little grace. No person in the history of EVER has felt completely calm, cool, and collected during the entire duration of a move. You can expect to feel tired, overwhelmed, or unsure. However, this is one of those great stressors in life that will actually feel worth it in the long-term. Keep your eyes on that prize!  Life will be in a state of upheaval for a short time – but in the end, it will feel like it was a small price for the payoff of making such a smart, intentional move.


Change is a good thing

If you’ve come this far, you have embodied a transparent, inspiring, and fun home-hunting experience — where a search for the perfect fit leaves no stone unturned. 


Let this time of critical change and personal transition set the scene for just the right kind of fresh start… where anything is possible, and nothing isn’t.



Catch us back here bi-weekly as we bring you curated and Chicago-based real estate content (with a life coach’s twist). Next up: Want to avoid an expectation hangover in your next big move? Start here... Ask These Six Real Estate Questions to Avoid an Expectation-Hangover

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