(Re)Location, Location, Location! Spring Can Set the Tone for a New Home – With These 7 Tips

(Re)Location, Location, Location! Spring Can Set the Tone for a New Home – With These 7 Tips

  • Bridget Chambers
  • 05/10/22

The housing market has felt a bit like Bedlam over these last two years; it seems nowhere in the country has been immune to fast turnaround, relatively elevated prices, and cutthroat competition. Now rising interest rates are making mortgages a bit more complicated. Has housing become such a headache that people have stopped buying altogether? Not quite

Darcel Rockett, Digital Editor for the Chicago Tribune writes that after consulting with local agents the consensus is that “People with a strong motivation to move (relocating, schools, growing or shrinking family, change in marital status) will do so regardless of interest rates, but some buyers are moving faster to buy having learned how quickly rates can increase.” 

So, it seems as priorities transform, so do our needs. As families change form, so do our homes. As our values shift, so must the places that house those values. If you feel the yearning for a relocation but aren’t sure if the real estate market supports a decision so seismic, it is important to consult a broker who can walk you through your decision-making process. Jason Stratton and Sophia Klopas specialize in decisions like these!

However, if you’ve already assessed that your need to relocate is important enough to make a move (so to speak), it might feel hard to embrace the excitement of change while dealing with the seeming red tape in the market.

How can you begin to revel in your relocation? Start by getting on your own team…and then add the following seven tips to your daily habits to conquer any self-doubt. 


Remember what it felt like to follow your gut.

Boost your spirits by remembering times when you experienced the outcome of a sound decision. Replay that memory in your mind or start writing it down. It is important to remember that anything you have done once can be successfully repeated. 


Surround yourself with those that make your decision easier.

Whether it's certain friends who add value to your decisions, or family members who always have your back, put yourself in their presence more often. Being around those that express their confidence in you will automatically make you feel more successful.


Talk it out with trusted companions.

Self-doubt is a normal part of the human experience. The feeling of uneasiness can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. However, talking to your knowledgeable real estate broker, mentor, or even a life coach can help you ease your worries. We all need a sounding board every once in a while, and it’s always a good idea to stop perseverating and start talking it out.

Explore through endorphins.

We all know exercise is healthy and good for the soul. But how about pairing the exploration of your new neighborhood with a long, reflective walk? Naturally boosting endorphins by exercising is a great way to feel happier and more relaxed, and doing that in a new place can be invigorating. Clearing your head can also increase your confidence and give you a "let's do this" attitude. 


See the big picture.

Sometimes the best way to deal with those second-guesses that tend to emerge when we're trying to be authentic is to look at the big picture. What are your long-term goals for yourself and your family? What are you trying to accomplish in this new place? What is your overall purpose in this relocation?


Give validation to others.

When you give a sincere compliment and validate the decisions of others, you may find that you're also validating yourself in the process. Statistics show that plenty of people are in the process of moving right now. How can you connect with them to feel belonging? How can you relate your experience to your own move? Turn your attention from yourself to someone else. You're simultaneously impacting them and you. 


Try the fun stuff first.

Did you know that the things you love to do the most reflect your unique abilities? These things come to you naturally. In that vein, how can you bring “home” to your new house? Are you outdoorsy? Start a garden in your new backyard. Are you the consummate extrovert? Introduce yourself to new neighbors. Does your family love a dinner out? Spend the first few weeks trying local hotspots to refine your own favorites. Focus on the things you loved doing before you moved, and you’ll find those things haven’t changed at all. They’ve just found a new home.   


Big decisions take big courage. Don’t let the real estate news narrative get you down – if you’ve made a move, you’re in good company. You’ve followed your gut, utilized a great broker as your guide, and planted new roots for yourself and your family. Springtime is the perfect time for planting those roots – now, you get to watch them grow.



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