Stop Feeling Stuck: The First-Time Home Seller’s Guide to Success!

Stop Feeling Stuck: The First-Time Home Seller’s Guide to Success!

  • Bridget Chambers
  • 03/7/22

Stop Feeling Stuck: The First-Time Home Seller’s Guide to Success!

A Klopas Stratton blog by: Bridget Chambers, Life Coach, Writer

Doing anything for the first time can conjure feelings of doubt, nervousness, or just plain anguish. When it comes to something as significant as selling your home for the very first time, we can feel paralyzed with questions and uncertain of where exactly to start.  You might have an inkling that it’s time for a move, but you feel completely stuck.

What’s next? You aren’t sure what to do, so you don’t do anything. 

It is true: When faced with the need for change, it’s tempting to procrastinate by looking for the “perfect” solution. However, it is usually also true that the quest for a perfect plan can trap us into a cycle of over-thinking, over-researching, and over-planning. 

Meanwhile, nothing changes and that nagging sense of discontentment continues to grow.

But what if you don’t need the perfect plan to get started? What if you committed to take just one step forward?  Here are our best first steps for first-time, prospective sellers: 


  1.   Ensure you’re ready to part ways

When we think about homebuying and selling, our first instinct is to concentrate on cold facts: money, time, needs, capacity. However, there is an entirely different aspect that must be considered. Are you ready to leave? Take time to assess why you bought your current home in the first place, what you’ve loved about being here, and some of the main reasons you’re looking to leave. Is selling your home a family decision or something you’ve contemplated in private? Are there more reasons to stay or go? One of the best ways to ensure a clear decision is to measure the reasons you’re making it in the first place.


  1.   Make your home market-ready

If you’ve decided that a move is imminent, step one is done! Now it’s time to prepare. Because homebuying became a top priority during the two-year pandemic, buyers everywhere are feeling universal buying fatigue. This means that buyers in 2022 are looking for the crème de la crème – they’re willing to pay the price, but only for the best finds. And making your home the very best…might be easiest right now. According to Bill Packer, COO of American Financial Resources, “There is less transaction activity in the winter. Professionals’ key to the transaction, such as home inspectors, appraisers, stagers, painters, repair people and real estate agents, have greater availability because there is less demand for their services. They may even be motivated to quote a better price for their services and more flexible about when you book.” If you’re a first-time buyer hoping to sell this spring, winter is a great time to prepare. 


  1.   Go with your gut about where you’re going

When it comes to making a decision, there is a lighthearted line in coaching that advises, “Stop polling the ignorant.” It simply means: There aren’t many people who know enough about your situation to give an educated opinion on it. The best way to feel good about moving now is to feel great about where you’re going next. Do you have a good team in place? A preferred lender? A firm idea of where you want to be as far as neighborhood, city, or school district? Once you feel confident about your next step, you can be certain that selling makes sense. 


  1.   Decide what means the most to you

It would seem counterintuitive to assume that anything but money would be the biggest priority in a sale. Upon a closer look, though, there is much more to be considered. Do you want to sell quickly, or do you have time to weigh the market and myriad offers? Are you married to walking away with your asking price, or can you afford to take less based on other factors? As a first-time seller, negotiations and concessions can be some of the most significant – and difficult – parts of the buying and selling process. To avoid the shock of not knowing or getting exactly what you want out of a sale, it is prudent to start prioritizing now. 


  1.   Create your dream team 

It is inarguable that your realtor is the most critical aspect of the home selling process – especially if it’s your first time. Finding your perfect match might not come immediately, but it behooves you to find a person or team you respect, enjoy, and trust. Some tips:


  •     Be wary of taking recommendations based on Facebook or community websites alone. Agencies utilize those platforms for networking, but there is much more to be learned outside of them.
  •     Just because a realtor worked for your bestie’s coworker’s aunt… doesn’t mean he or she will suit you. Remember, everyone has different priorities for selling their homes. Do your due diligence to ensure he or she fits your particular needs. 
  •     Inquire about past customers, have an open conversation with the agent, and make sure he or she can make ample time for you. 
  •     The right agent will have both answers and questions. Your initial conversation shouldn’t feel like a cold sales pitch. The right agent will want to know about your home, your preferences, and your ideal timeline.
  •     Call Sophia and Jason at KlopasStratton. Their commitment to clients is second to none. 


Wave goodbye to seller’s remorse

If you’re a first-time buyer on the fence about selling, it is smart to start with one small step that moves you to a mindset of clarity. Once you have more answers than questions, you’ll have the confidence to move forward. Because here’s the thing: change is scary. Change requires sacrifice, and risk-taking, and letting go of what no longer serves you. So, avoid that dreaded seller’s remorse down the road by making the next correct step right now. 

Think ahead! 

Your future home will thank you for it.



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