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Meet Sophia

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Sophia has a degree in Interior Design which assists her buyers in stepping back and noticing the appeal of different properties. Certain things that buyers may overlook, Sophia notices. For the piece of property that has everything a buyer wants, but is missing “that-little-something”, Sophia Klopas can fix it. Her approach gives buyers a unique vision of their property and a great understanding of what will help in a resale later on. On the selling side, Sophia’s background is extremely strong. Having extensive and varied experience in design, she is able to look at a listing and tell the owner(s) what is needed for a quick and profitable sale. Sophia and her husband moved to Bucktown over 20 years ago, on a hunch that the neighborhood would come around. Happily they were right, and still call Bucktown home today.

Work With Us

Partners Sophia Klopas and Jason Stratton are a brother and sister team who have been in the Illinois real estate market for over twenty years. Together they offer complementary skill sets and professional expertise that make The KlopasStratton Team truly unique.

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